I’m Back and Trip to Iceland

Hey guys! I have been on a long hiatus but I am ready and excited to start blogging again. I have been on so many trips and have moved to Seattle to attend college, so there will be a bunch of posts about what to do in Seattle. I just wanted to post the rest of my pics from Iceland. The pictures are from the Golden Circle Tour.

First we headed off to Thingvellir¬†in our Golden Circle tour. This was where the first parliament ever was established. I recommend getting a private tour or a small group tour, so you can personalize your visit and skip things you don’t want to see and stay longer at certain places. Also being in big tours like Iceland Expeditions, the places you go gets filled up really fast with all of the tourists on the buses so it can make the experience not as worth while.

The next stop was the Great Geysir (Strokkur)¬†which we weren’t too impressed with. It is nothing compared to Old Faithful in Yellowstone national Park. This is one of the reasons I suggest getting a private tour because we were able to leave quickly and get to our next stop where we would have more time to be at. Also nobody tells you this but Icelandic tap water smells like rotten eggs. It’s great to drink but it smells so bad because of the amount of sulphur in it. Also the Geyser smells like rotten eggs, but 10,000 times worse.

Next was my favorite sight in all of Iceland, Gulfloss Waterfall. I have never seen a more beautiful waterfall in my life.

We also stopped at a glacier. On our way back I made the driver stop so I could pet the horses. This tour is a must if you are going to Iceland. Look out for more blog posts very soon.


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