The Blue Lagoon: My Experience

Hey Everyone! I’m currently blogging from Iceland!! I can’t believe I am here it is so beautiful! Today blog is going to be about the Blue Lagoon! Also get ready for a ton of Iceland blog posts coming at you soon!


We went to the blue lagoon on our second day in Iceland. We took the Iceland Excursion bus that was supposed to pick us up from our hotel and take us to the Blue Lagoon. We had a bad experience with the bus because they over booked it and we had to stand in a bus where there was no standing room. Also FYI when u take the Iceland Excursion bus you usually will have to switch buses because the big buses can’t go on the small road in the city center of Reykjavik. But honestly taking the Iceland Excursion bus is the cheapest way to get from Reykjavik to the blue lagoon (it’s about a 45 min drive) so I would still use it again.


Arriving at the Blue lagoon you check in and get a bracelet to track your expenses and to open your locker. I got the comfort package which I recommend getting because it includes one drink from the swim up bar and you can try out their algae mask. The comfort package is 8100 isk ($81), which is $20 more than the standard package so I think it’s worth it to get the comfort.


The blue lagoon was one of my favorite experiences on my trip to Iceland. It was such a relaxing and cool experience to see how geothermal energy can create such a serene lagoon.


Also if u want to go to the lagoon remember to book at least 3 months in advance (especially in the summer which is the busiest season) because tickets will sell out. And also if you want to avoid the lagoon being crowded, schedule your visit for the morning because it gets really busy in the afternoon.


After we had lunch at the Lava restaurant in the blue lagoon. It is a bit pricey and you have to make reservations in advance, but the food was really good. We had a nice view of the lagoon where we were sitting. I tried 2 course meal (which was 6,400 isk or $64) ordered langustine (lobster) soup which I wasn’t a fan of but I think it depends on your palate because my aunt thought it was delicious.


I ordered the cod as a main fish which was EXCELLENT!!! Probably the best cod I had in Iceland.


Recommendations when going to the lagoon:

  • Bring flip flops (you have to shower before you go into the blue lagoon so you should have flip flops to wear in the shower)
  • Tie up long hair and use the conditioner (that they provide when showering) in your hair. Don’t rub the conditioner into your hair. The conditioner will protect your hair from get really stale and clumpy which will happen if your hair comes in contact with the lagoon water.
  • Don’t bring towels. They will provide towels and bags to put your wets swimsuits in.
  • Bring a waterproof case or put your phone in a secure ziplock bag. If you want to bring your phone into the lagoon (which I would recommend doing to take pictures). They sell waterproof cases for $30 at the swimup bar but bring a case to avoid overpaying for one.
  • Find worker in a blue jacket with an iPad. There are special workers that are there to take pictures of people in the blue lagoon and will email you the pictures for no extra cost.


Anyway I had such a great time at the Lagoon and I hope this post is helpful for anyone going to the Blue Lagoon. Get ready for more Iceland posts!!!!!

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