SF Monet Exhibition

Happy Spring everyone!!! On my spring break I decided to check out the Legion of Honor’s new Exhibition: Monet the Early Years  (ends of May 29, 2017) . Claude Monet is one of my top five favorite painters, so I couldn’t miss this exhibition!!!


This exhibition features some of his most renown works (some that I couldn’t take pictures of). You know its famous when you see the no picture sign lol 🙂

Overall I loved the exhibition!! It was not too short not too long. I recommend getting the audioguide because you will get more out of the experience. Trust me it’s worth the $8. My favorite thing was the variety of paintings from different parts of his early life.

For example there are works from his honeymoon in Trouville (France) to Fontainebleu and Paris. Many paintings are from his families journey seeking refuge from the Franco-Prussian War.

In London….


Green Park (1871)

In France….




The Pont Neuf in Paris (1872)


The Magpie


The Red Kerchief (1873)



In Zaadam (Holland)…


Windmill at Zaandam (1871)



The Landing Stage (1871)

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