Mini-Getaway to Mendocino

During break my family and I took a short road trip up to Mendocino, California. It is a beautiful and quaint part of California that is often overlooked. I thought I would share some photos with you:

We stayed at the Little River Inn a quaint little place that is perfectly situated on the water. fd39ec438485198765e4eb296df6bea1Each night my family and I would rush out on the deck to catch a view of the stunning and vibrant sunset.MendocinoEdited-5



The Inn is just a 5 minute drive from downtown Mendocino, so it is a little less pricey than expensive BnB’s scattered around the downtown.

After having a particularly tough time getting up the first morning, I headed out to find a place that was still open at 10 am for breakfast. Luckily I found Good Life Cafe and Bakery which has healthy and organic food equipped with a sustainable kitchen. We returned there every “morning” (I had exams before, so my sleeping schedule was, let’s just say, not the best 😉 ) for breakfast because it was just too good to pass up! They offer a wide variety of food and pastries (with vegetarian and vegan options) that will satisfy your rumbling tummy at breakfast or lunch.



I got this HEAVENLY slice of a ham and smoked gouda quiche that was literally the size of a deep-dish pizza slice 😆 They also had organic coffee blends so I just had to help myself to a cup or 3. My inner barista was ecstatic because it is hard to find certified organic coffee blends at regular restaurants, but then again Goodlife is no regular cafe.

IMG_4086After breakfast, we wondered in and out of shops while leisurely making our way down to the ocean cliffs. IMG_4169I encourage you to wonder all the way to edge of the cliffs (if weather permits) to catch a glimpse of the waves colliding into the cliffs. But watch out. You may get sprayed in the process. IMG_4172IMG_4173IMG_4170IMG_4168IMG_4164IMG_4176IMG_4262IMG_4268

This quiet beach town is a great mini getaway spot comfortably situated a couple hours north of San Francisco. In my opinion, it is one of the best kept secrets in California.



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