Holiday Room Decor & DIY

Happy Holidays!! Today I coming at you with a new holiday themed blog post. I have a 5 ideas including a DIY to share with you guys, so I hope you get some inspiration!

1. Holiday Tray


Adding a few holiday-themed decorative pieces on a tray can really spice up an area of your room. I like to place my tray either on my bed or on my desk.

I went with a red themed tray. I got my tray and cranberry tree from Target.

I then added a Christmas candle from Bath and Body works as well as a polaroid picture frame, a book, and a mini reindeer on top of a doily to add a bit of class.


2. Ornament Filled Vase


This vase is such a simple and elegant way to shake up your room decor. Fill any vase with your pick of ornaments that match your room.


I went with a cute bundle from Target that only costs $5.


3. DIY Ornament Garland

This DIY garland is a great decoration to drape over your mirror or your bed’s headboard. I simply took some white ribbon and strung my ornaments threw the ribbon. I then used duck tape to tape my garland to my mirror.


4. Holiday Throw Pillows Spread


Switching out my pillows when the season changes is one of my favorite things to do. I feel like it really sets the tone of the season.

I switched out my more “summery” pillows for the printed sham set as well as these snowflake inspired origami pillows from Target. I then added my circular furry pink pillow to finish it off. At the end of my bed I placed a white faux fur throw to tie the look together.


5. Lighting It Up

Adding some lights is an easy way to dress up your room for the holiday season.


I wrapped these blue Firefly Lights from Urban Outfitters around my photo clip string set. If you want to use a cheaper alternative, the LED String Lights from Target are only $5.99!! The blue complement my purple walls well and makes my room all the more merrier!



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