Berry Açaí Bowl Recipe

Hello everyone!! Today’s post is something new for me, but is the first of many of my recipes to come. Lately, I have been getting acai bowls from Nektar Juice bar almost everyday I work. At $7 a bowl my lunches can get pretty expenives, so I decided to try to create my own acai bowl.

IMG_3738The key to the bowl is the Sambazon acai bowl packs. I got mine from Whole Foods, but you can also get them at Costco and they also have different flavors.


All you are going to need for the recipe are:Ingredients

A Blender

Sambazon Acai Mix (if you don’t have that add mor mixed fruit especially blueberries)

Mixed Fresh or Frozen fruit





Pomegranate Juice (or Orange Juice or Almond Milk)

(Serves 1 Bowl)


Start by placing 1 cup of frozen fruit in your blender

Then run the Sambazon Mix packet under hot water for a minute and place it in blender

IMG_3653IMG_3685Pour in a few splashes (4 tablespoons) of pomagranete juice (Add more if your want a smoothie consistency)

IMG_3688Blend on the chop or mix setting


Chop a handful of each of your favorite fruits. I chose my 3 favorite fruits: bananas, strawberries, and blueberries.

Once the componets have been completely mixed together pour the contents into a bowl.

IMG_3718Add the desired amount of granola on top. I like lots 🙂


Then arrange your cut fresh fruit and then dig in!!!


IMG_3739IMG_3745This is such a super easy and healthy recipe to make. 1 Sambazon pack has 12 grams of protein!! I hope you guys enjoy!

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