Afternoon Tea at the Ritz

One of the highlights of my trip was having high tea in true British form at the Ritz. I would defintely recommend scheduling this on your agenda when visiting London because it is truly a memorable experience, and for some of you another thing to cross off your bucket list (I know it was on mine).

IMG_1854I recommend booking your reservation at least a week and a half to two weeks in advance to ensure you get the allotted time you want. For dress code men are required to wear a jacket and tie and ladies are asked to dress in smart casual attire.

At 7:00 sharp we arrived at the Ritz hotel all decked out in our best formal wear ready to dine like a queen. We were escorted from the main foyer down to a lavishly decorated hall (what else would you expect at the Ritz) ordained with crystal chandeliers and covered in gold trim.IMG_9456


(I got this photo off of Pinterest to show you guys what the tea room looks like empty)


With more than 9 teas to choose from I had to go with the Ritz Royal Tea, of course. This black tea is a perfect blend of loose leaf Assam and Ceylon tea. I would recommend ordering this tea as it is the Ritz’s signature tea.

Served with the tea was an assortment of tasty finger sandwiches and macaroons, chocolate truffle covered in chocolate chips, vanilla mouse bite, and a lemon tea cake. The trays of food can be replenished an unlimited amount of times, so it is basically a meal.


IMG_1732My dress


Following the pastries and finger sandwiches was an assortment of scones to go perfectly with our tea. Because some of the pastries had nuts in it, they gave me a fruit parfait.

A few hours after a memorable afternoon tea we took a big bus to see London at night!!! London transformed before our eyes into a beautifully lite city.


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