London Bridge Is Falling Down…

As our first day in London begun we hurried over to the Tower of London to catch a glimpse of the Royal Jewels and experience the terror of the Tower… no I’m just kidding, but there was actual terror that occurred in the infamous tower centuries ago.

I recommend spending three to four hours at the London Tower. Even if you don’t enjoy history the highly entertaining guards/tour guides and the interactive reenactments can be quite fun. Being a history lover myself it was very exciting being in a place where so many royals were held prisoner. FullSizeRender-2IMG_9132I recommend popping over to the Royal Crown Jewels first because it can get very busy. IMG_9135IMG_9200After the Tower we headed over about 200 feet to the Perkin Reveller, which is literally part of the Tower. If you are looking for a light snack or a quick brunch, this charming restaurant is your place. IMG_0518IMG_9209IMG_9212I had the Pan Fired Cod coated with lemon butter sauceIMG_9211while my dad and my aunt Maryam had the Courgette and Rosary Goat Cheese Tart.

My cod was deliciously satisfying while the tart (which was more like a pie) was out of this world. The cucumbers, goat cheese, and mixed veggies created a perfect mix of flavors, and makes for a great dish if you are not looking for anything heavy. IMG_0604

IMG_0541Top (on sale!)~Jacket

After the meal we made our way to Tower Bridge (commonly mistaken for the London Bridge). With our London Pass we got to go to the top of the bridge, by elevator, (thank God) and got a top-notch view of the city as well as a closer look at the amazing engineering and architecture that makes up this spectacular bridge. IMG_0576If you are brave enough, you can walk across the transparent window installed in the floor that looks out on the bottom of the bridge where you can walk across on the floor.IMG_0587We got to see Tower Bridge being raised, which doesn’t happen everyday. All I could think about while the bridge was coming down was, “London Bridge is Falling down, falling down, falling down.”

Then we decided to take a stroll along the Thames River and got lost in the city.IMG_0622IMG_0632IMG_0651IMG_0661IMG_0681We made our way across the Millennium Bridge, which I was so excited to see in person because it is the bridge that the Death Eaters destroyed in the sixth Harry Potter Movie [Shout out to all my Harry Potter fans].

Don’t be alarmed. It just looks like the bridge is going to rock from side to side.IMG_0687IMG_0690IMG_0696IMG_0703We walked all the way to St. Pauls which was unfortunately closed because it was after 4 pm. We took the Tube back to the hotel and I basically passed out from exhaustion and jet lag.



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  1. Nancy
    June 15, 2016 / 3:40 pm

    I really enjoy reading the blog. You are great in describing and providing interesting details. I am looking forward to reading more about your trip.

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