DIY Terrarium

Hello everyone! Since summer is right around the corner I thought it was a great time to do a post about DIY terrariums. Terrariums are so cute and are great to spice up your room decor or to be a centerpiece for your island in the kitchen.



Step 1: Choose a cute terrarium to put your succulents in. Urban Outfitters, which is where I got my terrarium, has a great selection of cool terrariums.

Step 2: Buy planting soil and make sure to get soil that is for succulents.

Step 3: Pick out your favorite succulents. I picked more colorful succulents for my summer terrarium. Orchard and Lowes have a great selection of every kind of succulents you can imagine.

Step 4: Fill your terrarium with soil deep enough to cover your succulents roots.

Step 5: Before planting your succulents loosen their roots. Dig a small hole and plant your succulent in it. Arrange your succulents to your liking and add additional soil to cover their roots if needed. There is no perfect way to arrange your succulents, so don’t panic if your terrarium doesn’t turn out the way you expected it to. I find that the each finished terrarium will always look pretty cool.

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